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eBay traders Accounts


If you are running an eBay business, you need to keep track of your sales and income received just like any other sole trader or small business.

Keeping track of your PayPal receipts and charges, along with your eBay insertion and selling fees, postage and packing, plus of course the purchase of stock, all needs to be recorded. Depending on the size of your business, you may not need to pay VAT, but you will have to declare your earnings, using self-assessment tax forms.

What about business overheads? Do you know how much you can offset for example, the use of your computer system at home, heating and lighting or other business expenses?

What if you have multiple selling channels? How does this affect your accounting?

At Salhan Connect, we have the answers. We can help you sort out your book-keeping and accounting, leaving you free to get on with what you do best – running your on-line business.

To find out how we can help and support you as an eBay business trader, call us today for a free, no obligation chat.