Business start-ups

So, you’ve decided to set up your own business? Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming your own boss.

We recognise that there may seem an endless list of tasks to sort out, quite apart from the actual day to day running of your business.

At Salhan Connect, we’re here to support and to try and lighten your load.

We have helped countless individuals fulfil their dreams to become successful business owners

We can lead you through the maze of officialdom and help you from the initial business idea through to running a successful business.

Salhan Connect can supply advice and knowledge on:

  • First steps – helping formulate your business plan
  • Structuring your new company
  • Financing
  • Taxation
  • Accounting administration

To find out how we can help and support you in setting up and running a successful business, call us today for a free, no obligation chat.