Budgeting and forecasting

Every business needs to plan ahead to ensure success – after all, you wouldn't set off on a long journey without knowing where you are going and the route you expect to take

It is especially important for business start-ups and growing businesses, where cash flow and profit margins are often tight and an accurate picture of your finances is crucial.

Financial forecasting helps to ensure you make the spending and strategic decisions that will shape the future progress and financial health of your business.

Salhan Connect will help you set budgets and monitor and control spending against these benchmarks.

We can also produce financial forecasts during the year to indicate expected results and if these are likely to be significantly different from your original budget, you can take steps to help bring your business back on track.

As well as helping you to maintain financial health, we can work with you to produce budgets and financial forecasts to provide reassurance to banks and other investors.