Should I Invest in Stocks and Shares?

Stocks and shares can provide a substantial return on investment for anyone looking to make their savings work for them. This is in contrast to the slow, safe growth of a savings ISA, which is much less volatile but has a ceiling on how much you can earn on interest.

Individuals can purchase shares in a company, organisation or fund and therefore become shareholders. If the value of the share increases, so does your investment and therefore you can make a return. However, the inverse is also true and if your stocks decrease in value, you can lose your money. There are ways in which you can try to protect your investment and make an informed decision, based on trends within the market. However, the stock market is difficult to predict and there is always a potential for disappointment.

As we slowly recover from the pandemic, the economy is in a precarious position and this has had an effect on the stock exchange. Many people are wondering whether now is a good time to start investing or if it’s just too volatile to risk your money. The truth is somewhere in the middle and the more important question is if you’re the right candidate to be making investments at this moment.


When it comes to investment, the ideal candidate will be looking for a long-term return. If you’re looking to build up some capital for a large purchase in the near future, investment probably won’t be ideal for you. It’s also not recommended for those with outstanding debt, particularly debt with interest added. You should always focus on repaying debts before investing in stocks and shares.

It’s also important to recognise that the stock market is volatile and is inherently risky for those who invest their money. Therefore, don’t be using money that you can’t afford to lose because that risk is ever-present.

The ideal candidate for investment within the stock market are those with a stable income, adequate savings who are looking at long-term goals, for example children’s education.


Covid and its effects have completely changed the economic landscape. With this in mind, is now a good time to invest? As is often the case, the answer isn’t simple – it depends. Some sectors have suffered greatly during the pandemic, some had remained steady and some have actually overperformed. For example, technology as an industry has boomed, whereas travel and tourism is still feeling the after-effects of restrictions and lockdowns.

It’s extremely important to do your own research before investing in a specific stock. It can be easy to follow advice from a colleague or friend on what to invest in but this can be risky.

In terms of the overall market, post-covid, there are good and bad signals. The successful vaccine rollout and lifting of restrictions has boosted confidence within the market. However, the looming threat of new variants, potential growth in unemployment and the perpetual effect of Brexit is also a worry. It’s for this reason that investors should be particularly careful right now, when choosing were to put their money.

Stocks vs Funds

Talking about being careful, one of the ways in which investors do this is by investing in funds, instead of individual stocks and shares. Funds contain multiple organisations and companies, with many individual stocks in a single place. They are curated with success and reliability in mind and therefore allow investors to “hedge their bets”. Instead of risking all of your money on a single entity, funds help to spread the risk. It’s for this reason that investing within funds is better suited for beginners as it offers a much easier, safer bet for your money.


Investment within stocks and shares can be daunting at first but fortunately, there is a lot of help out there for beginners. Of course, you can do your own research online or if you’d prefer, you can work with a dedicated agent with expertise in the field.

When it comes to investment itself, there are a plethora of apps available, with options to suit everybody, from beginners to experts. You can even use these applications to keep track of your investments in real-time.

Investment isn’t for everyone but the potential benefits can be great, if you tread wisely.

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